Welcome to NavStar

Welcome To NavStar GPS

NavStar GPS & Surveying Instruments LTD is Trimble representative in Israel

We are proud to open the gates of its new branch in Park Afek, to arrive please take road #6 to Kesem junction and then use the map on the right. the store is only a couple of minutes away from road #6.
The grand opening is going to be held form 27/09/2012 until 01/10/2012
All surveyors, engineers and intersted poeple are invited to come and vists our new bracnh during the opening week.
The store working ours are 08:00 to 17:00 daily.


The team of professionals who work at the company counts for 5 surveying engineers and 2 Trimble certified technical operators. Customer service is at the upmost priority for the team, we give service 24/7 and always provide the most professional help and service for our customers.

The combination of the most technically advanced instruments and a highly certified team of professional engineers enables us to provide and adjust the right solution for every project and every job gets done in the right time frame, budget and of course, precision.


Trimble R8 GNSS
The new standard for full featured gnss technology.

Trimble R6 GNSS
A base station and rover receiver for rtk gps / gnss surveying.

Trimble VX
Capture the shape of the real world.

Trimble S8
The most advanced total station platform.

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